Gmail Fax Guide

Given below is a list of the best email fax services which can be incorporated with one’s Gmail account. All of these have the 30 day free trial feature and this comparison chart is going to give you a precise idea of all of these services as they are compared side by side. 

Review of RingCentral Fax

RingCentral Fax is definitely a very popular and reliable fax service. In fact it managed to pick up a lot of awards like the “Editor’s Choice” one by PC magazine and the “Gold Award” by Top Ten Reviews in 2011. The provider also offers RingCentral Office, which is a phone system for small businesses and RingCentral Mobile, a virtual phone system meant to be used by mobile professionals. Both of these have great VoIP solutions and offer great online fax services. The fax plans would set you back by just USD 9.99 per month which covers five hundred fax pages. The rate is reduced to USD 7.99 in caseo f the annual plan. There is a thirty day trial and by signing up now one can enjoy 20 discount for the first six months. 

Review of MyFax

This one also won the “Gold Award” for five consecutive years and it has excellent customer service. Apart from USA, the company offers email fax serviceto forty other countries with international fax numbers. It also offers a ‘free faxing zone’ in forty three countries which allows one to fax a predetermined number for free, after crossing the limit it would be USD 0.10 per fax only. The basic plan with 100 outgoing and 200 incoming faxes cost USD 10. The monthly rate is slashed down to USD 9.17 in case of the annual plan. Free trial for thirty days and for the third month its free of cost when one buys for two months.

Review of Nextiva Fax

This is a new service but many top notch companies like Subway, IBM, Delta Airlines, etc are using it. It comes with a fax free number and at present it is only available in the US, no international faxing. The per month plan comes at USD 8.95 with 500 fax pages and it is reduced to USD 4.95 in case of annual plan. Free trial for thirty days.

Gmail Fax Guide — Getting Started

Email Fax services like Gmail fax are very cheap, the price can be as cheap as USD 4.95 per month. There is also the thirty day free trial with no strings attached. Also known as online fax services, this integrates easily with web mail without any hassles or difficult instructions. One’s account is activated just by signing up online. 

You can integrate email fax with your web mail like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc to send and receive fax via the dashboard on the computer or from one’s cellphone. These services are also compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Office.

On signing up you will get a free Google fax number or you can use your existing one. You can fax internationally as well. Thus, by following this Gmail fax guide and using email faxing, you can save a lot of time, paper, electricity and money!

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