Hello Fax – Is it worth it?

Last week, HelloFax was integrated into Google Drive, bringing the service a step closer to totally eradicating the need for the traditional fax machine. This integration means that users can now send and receive faxes to and from their dedicated HelloFax folder on Google drive, and is set to revolutionize the way businesses and individuals use faxes.

Users of this service can sign or edits PDFs in their web browser, eliminating the necessity of printing out all documents that need a signature, only to scan and upload them back into your computer. The service allows everything to become paperless.

CEO of HelloFax, Joseph Walla, spoke to Mashable about the company objectives, and the environmental benefits of paperless business. He stated that “Our objective as a company is to end faxing everywhere for everyone. It’s so wasteful. It’s environmentally unfriendly, and it’s a waste of time”.

When Walla started HelloFax it was just a weekend project. Working with his co-founder, Neal O’Mara, Walla built the business and turned a basic app for faxing into a business that offered a complete paperless faxing service. 

“What we found out is that the only reason people fax things is that the vast majority of these documents are being signed”. Walla said that millions of people are seeking faxing services online, but very few are aware of electronic signatures. Many users joined HelloFax for their faxing service but discovered the use of electronic signatures and now don’t fax at all. 

HelloFax has become a worldwide service and has gained popularity all over the globe, especially in Silicon Valley. Here it is used by many savvy start-ups as well as larger companies. The business is slowly ending the service it originally offered, converting users to an easier way of doing business. It now focuses on developing e signatures and is moving away from faxing as a business. Walla compares it to search engine giant and HelloFax partner, Google

“We see faxing the way Google probably sees Android. It’s this way of expanding and protecting its core business which is search. Our core business is documents and document signing, and faxing is just this transmission method that hasn’t gone away.”

HelloFax has partnered with some powerful services and is now integrated Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. Users signing up through Google Drive now will get fifty fax pages per month for free, as well as unlimited document signing and signature requests. 

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