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Google founder searches for love!

Sergey Brin is a well-known personality. The co-founder of Google and his wife, Anne Wojcicki were one of the most happening and powerful couples of Generation X, almost comparable to the likes of Bill and Melinda Gates!

2013-09-16 at 11.32 PM (1)The two were leading philanthropists that used their immense wealth to take care of social problems and illnesses. Last week, the unexpected happened the duo’s problems in marriage surfaced. The public learned that there was a love triangle that involved a junior, who was thirteen years younger than Brin.

The couple had separated and this is a huge blow for Google. The couple got hitched even before Google became a verb. It was Susan Wojcicki, the elder sister of Anne and the sixteenth employee of Google who introduced Anne to Brin. Susan’s contribution to Google was immense, in fact she was given the title of the most important ‘Googler’.

As if the fact that Google founder searches for love despite being married wasn’t enough, Brin newfound love was previously going around with a very senior Google employee, who has now left Google and joined a rival company!

According to the author of ‘The Google Guys’, something terrible was this was born to happen since people can have all three meals, do the laundry and even nap at the Google company!

Even though this split is not likely to impact Google much, but it is certainly embarrassing and it will pose certain challenges for the company. The couple got married back in 2007 in a private island located in the Bahamas.

The two seemed to be a match made in heaven. Currently, they have two small children. In fact, last year, Anne was quoted portraying in an interview that she had a happy married life. Even after the split, the couple agreed to remain partners for Google and ‘good friends’.

The new love in the life of Brin is Amanda Rosenberg, who is the marketing manager of Google Glass. According to an inside source, Anne was someone who knew Brin long before he became a billionaire, therefore Brin will never be able to have a relationship with someone who understands him that well again. The source also cited that this split is indeed a huge loss for Brin.

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