Google Glass Apps Reveal Analytics, Faxes Instantly

googleglassA Wichita mobile and web developer has found a new functionality for Google Glass; the ability to fax. Although Chad Smith develops apps on a regular basis, he claims that he found some particular humor in developing an app for Google Glass that would allow individuals to fax more easily from the device. He uses it regularly at work. Smith initially believed Glass to be quite limited and viewed it as a high-end camera, driving him to develop apps that would make the device more useful and provide it with more functionality.

In regards to faxing, Smith uses a virtual fax number that allows him to receive a document from his doctor’s office. He can then read each page of the fax by using Google Glass or he can choose to take a picture of the documents with the device and then send them to another fax number, making the faxing experience far more convenient and efficient than it would be normally. However, Smith has also developed many other apps that allow him to improve the efficiency and experience that he has while using Google Glass.

One app allows him to check some of the most important statistics associated with Google Analytics, such as the amount of page views or visitors per day. This can be crucial since he needs to review data for clients sites on a regular basis while he is in meetings. An app for Google AdSense allows for Smith to check the amount of income that has been earned from ads being featured on clients websites. Additionally, an app developed for Whois Lookup ensures that he is able to check whether domain names are available and whether or not they can be purchased immediately; a function that is very important to many clients that he meets with for work. For many, it’s just another example that the sky is truly the limit when dealing with the functionalities of Google Glass.

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