FaxBetter Internet Fax Service

faxbetter_logoFaxBetter can be an ideal option for individuals that are seeking a toll-free fax number. This company doesn’t offer any local fax numbers, which means it might not be the best option for those that are seeking a fax number for personal use. Users can only send and receive faxes with one email using this service, but it provides a great value for toll-free numbers based upon the $9.95 monthly rate. This rate can also be lowered substantially by paying for a year’s service in advance, which will reduce the rate down to $7.95 a month.

Most users have shared that receiving and sending faxes with FaxBetter is an easy process. The company provides 500 free pages per month, which adds to the value. However, if users manage to fax more than 500 pages per month, then the company will charge $0.06 per page for the next 250 pages. This is worth nothing, because most online fax companies will only charge users for the actual amount of pages that have been exceeded instead of charging them based upon a predetermined rate. Although FaxBetter doesn’t offer any customer support over the phone, they do have a customer support team that is available via email. The support is average and can be helpful when it is truly needed. Fax quality is decent, although it can’t be rated as above average.

FaxBetter provides unlimited online fax storage, which is great for individuals that are looking for an alternative way to store their faxes and keep track of what has been sent and received. The company does not offer a free trial. However, it does offer a free account where users are allowed to receive up to 20 faxed pages per month, which may be used to help determine whether or not the service will be useful enough to the individual to merit becoming a paid customer.

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