FaxItFast Internet Fax Service Review

Individuals that are seeking a value plan may want to examine some of the features provided by the Internet fax service company FaxItFast. Outside of the lack of customer support that is available from FaxItFast, the company provides fairly good quality fax service and offers a great value with a plan that only costs $7.00 per month. Paying for a year in advance will save users 17 percent, which lowers the monthly price down to $5.83 per month instead. Considering the plan includes online fax storage for a year, most people would consider it to be a reasonable value.

FaxItFast can provide local fax numbers in 48 states throughout the country. It is also able to offer toll-free numbers for no additional cost, which is an impressive benefit given the price of the service. Most users have reported that sending and receiving faxes with the service is very easy. The company does offer customer support, but the team is only available via email instead of the traditional method of customer support being provided over the phone. If users send or receive over their quota for the month, then they are subject to overage fees of $0.08, although this is fairly low in comparison to most options.

For the most part, FaxItFast is able to provide quality service. Unfortunately, the company does not offer a free trial, so users will have to be willing to invest a small amount of money if they want to explore the features that the company can provide. Since it is a low price for a fairly decent deal, it’s not as risky to test out in comparison to some of the higher costing Internet fax services that have been reviewed previously. However, users will ultimately have to test out this service to determine if it is an adequate fit or if they may be able to receive better service elsewhere.

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