PopFax Internet Fax Service Review

logo_popfaxIndividuals that don’t intend to send a high volume of faxes throughout the month may be interested in an option known as PopFax. This company offers a ‘Send and Recieve’ plan which costs $8.00 per month and doesn’t require a start-up fee. Individuals that are interested in gaining an additional savings can pay for a year of service ahead of time, allowing them to save 34%. This would reduce the monthly cost to $5.25 per month which is definitely more competitive in comparison to other options that have been listed.

PopFax offers local numbers throughout 44 states, but toll-free numbers are not available. Receiving and sending faxes with the company is generally easy, but users must send their faxes using an online interface. As an alternative, users can also send faxes by email, but this can only be done if they are willing to pay an additional $2.50 per month. Without this provision, individuals can only receive faxes with one email address; the ability to use other email addresses unlocks after the user commits to paying $2.50 per month. The company only offers customer support via email, but the customer support team is very helpful otherwise.

In comparison to some of the other companies that are available, PopFax has a very short free trial period. PopFax offers a 3-day free trial, which only allows users to briefly determine whether or not this service is going to be able to meet their needs. In addition, the company only provides users with 20 free pages for sending during this period, which is not as impressive compared to the typical 150 free pages that other Internet fax services have been able to offer. However, most users have shared fairly positive reviews for PopFax and the company doesn’t provide any poor results in terms of fax quality, so it is still a service that merits further exploration.

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