AirComUSA Internet Fax Service Review

logo_aircomusaOn the topic of some of the more expensive Internet fax service options available, AirComUSA is a company that must be acknowledged. This company requires a $10 start-up free and also charges a $12.00 fee upfront for any possible overage charges. This is all in addition to a $8.95 monthly fee, which clearly demonstrates that this is one of the more costly services that can be invested in. Whether the service is actually worth the amount of the investment is questionable based upon a number of possible issues.

AirComUSA only offers local numbers in 10 states, but the (800), (866), and (888) numbers are provided for not additional charge, which is fairly reasonable. It is easy to receive and send faxes with the service, but it can only be achieved via email; this is great for users that are familiar with sending and receiving faxes via email, but for the users that are seeking the traditional Internet fax service, it may be an issue. There is no online interface provided for the company and unlike other Internet fax services available, this company doesn’t offer any form of online fax storage. There is a separate allotment for sent and received fax pages, which may be suitable depending on the needs of the individual or their business.

Although there are some questionable elements associated with AirComUSA’s fax service, they have a quality customer support team. Customer support is available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM Mountain Standard Time. They respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner and are truly helpful. AirComUSA also offers a 30-day free trial so that interested prospective customers can try out the service and determine whether or not it will be a reasonable value based upon their budget and needs. In consideration of this, while there are a number of concerns associated with this company in terms of pricing, the quality of the service itself isn’t questionable.

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