ClickFax Internet Fax Service Review

logo_clickfaxOne of the more questionable options available in term of Internet fax services is known as ClickFax. ClickFax features a $9.95 start-up fee in addition to the regular $9.95 monthly fee, making it a far more expensive option in comparison to other Internet fax services that have been reviewed. Although users are able to receive and send faxes on up to 20 email addresses, this Internet fax company has a number of issues that may truly make users wonder if it’s even worth the investment.

For example, ClickFax offers local numbers in 30 states. However, the (800), (866), (877), and (888) numbers cost an additional $1 per month, whereas most services offer these numbers for no additional cost. The software necessary to access ClickFax’s service is complicated and somewhat difficult to use, and there have not been many positive reviews associated with the actual quality of the faxes themselves. Unlike other fax services, there’s no alternative ways to send and receive faxes, so users are forced to either learn how to use the software or not make use of the service at all.

Customer support from ClickFax is fairly low quality. Although it is possible to contact them for customer support, their customer support team never follows up with any of the initial contact. As a result, if users are struggling to make use of the software, they have no support to help them troubleshoot any issues they may be experiencing. Another area of concern is that the company doesn’t offer a free trial at all. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that individuals might sign up for service from ClickFax, pay high fees, and then later realize that the service may be inoperable or not even meet their needs. In consideration of this, ClickFax is not a company that can be comfortably recommended for a good value or quality service.

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