Fax.com Internet Fax Service Review

logo_fax_comFax.com is another affordable Internet fax service, but it has a lot of issues that users should consider before signing up for an online faxing plan. The company charges a monthly fee of $9.99 which is comparable to most other fax services available online. There’s no hidden fees to worry about and users get around 300 send and received pages combined with the plan. Faxes can be stored online for a month and the company provides local fax number cover for 50 states. (866) numbers are also provided without any additional cost. However, there are a few notable issues that prospective users need to be aware of before signing up.

The greatest problem that has been reported by other users is that they’ve encountered incredibly low fax quality with images and text. This can make faxes difficult to read and may even make them indecipherable, depending on the quality itself. Only two email addresses can receive faxes with this service, and only one document can be attached or faxed at a time. This can make the online faxing process far more tedious in comparison to what would be available with other services. As a result, prospective users may want to consider trying out the service for themselves to test out the quality before they commit to a plan.

Fax.com does offer a 30-day free trial period, which can be ideal for those who are curious to learn about all of the different options that the service can offer. Although Fax.com has become associated with low quality according to user feedback recently, it may be possible that the user experience may vary in the future. Customer service is available Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time, so if individuals have any questions or need help troubleshooting their faxing experience, representatives will be available to provide additional assistance.

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