FaxAway Internet Fax Service Review

logo_faxawayFor a truly cost-efficient Internet fax service experience, FaxAway may be an option worth further research. One of the major benefits associated with this service is that it doesn’t charge any monthly fees. Users can receive and send faxes using up to 250 email addresses, which is truly impressive, even when compared to options that charge a monthly fee. Although there’s no free trial period associated with this company, the lack of a monthly charge makes it a practically risk-free opportunity.

FaxAway is only able to offer fax numbers within Seattle, Washington. This may be a downside for individuals that are seeking local numbers, but given the other benefits that the company can provide, it may be easily overlooked. Likewise, the company only charges a $1 monthly fee for maintaining and storing faxes online, which is a reasonable price depending on the volume of faxes that users may be sending and receiving with this service. All of the faxes that are sent and received with FaxAway are high quality and respectable. The company’s customer support is excellent and can provide individuals with any additional guidance that they may need during their fax experience. Customer support is available on Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Ultimately, FaxAway is an impressive low-cost option. For a service that is practically free, it offers a lot of benefits and also provides truly high quality results, which is remarkable. There’s no free trial associated with this company, but the general cost-efficient nature of the service still makes FaxAway a company worth considering and trying out. Users can benefit from having an unlimited quota associated with sent and received faxes and are encouraged to take advantage of the ability to send and receive faxes from 250 email addresses, making this an option that would be the most suitable for a business endeavor with a high volume of fax correspondence.

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