FaxItNice Internet Fax Service Review

logo_faxitniceIndividuals that are seeking an Internet fax service that can provide them with toll-free fax numbers should consider some of the competitive plans provided by FaxItNice. This company does not offer any local numbers, but it offers a large amount of (866) and (877) numbers instead. This makes it an ideal option for businesses and other professional endeavors that are seeking toll-free numbers without some of the high rates that are commonly associated. It also offers a quota of 500 received pages combined with sent pages.

FaxItNice requires a $9.99 monthly fee but offers an unlimited number of email addresses that can be used to receive and send faxes. All of the faxes that are sent and received through the company are above average quality. However, FaxItNice has a very questionable customer support team. It seems that they are impossible to contact via phone when necessary, despite how the company claims that customer support is available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Customer support can be contacted through email, but it will take the team around a day or so to respond to the inquiries.

Individuals will ultimately have to experiment with the different features and options that FaxItNice can offer in order to determine whether or not this may be an ideal fit for them. Since there are no local numbers provided, it may not be the most suitable option for those that are seeking to find an Internet fax service for personal use. However, for businesses, it would be a very suitable choice. FaxItNice offers a 15-day free trial which allows users to test out the features and figure out what type of plan would work best for them. The free trial includes 20 fax pages, which should realistically be enough for users to determine if the fax quality high quality or reliable enough.

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