FaxPipe Internet Fax Service Review

logo_faxpipeWhen it comes to more expensive Internet fax services, FaxPipe is definitely on the list. Although the company is comparable to some of the other options that have been mentioned when examining the amount of included pages that are available in the main plan, the general pricing and additional start-up fee associated with FaxPipe make it noticeably more expensive. FaxPipe charges a $10.00 start-up fee in addition to a $12.95 monthly fee. However, outside of the additional costs associated with the service, FaxPipe provides a great deal of quality results.

This company provides local numbers in 12 states throughout the country. (800) and (888) numbers are provided at no additional cost, which makes the overall price for the service a little more affordable. FaxPipe doesn’t have an online interface for their service, which may make it more difficult for some users to make use of the service. The company offers a great customer support team, which is available Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM Mountain Time. The customer support team seems to be very knowledgeable about all elements of the service and answers any questions that users may have within a timely manner.

Like many other fax services, FaxPipe offers a 30-day free trial. This free trial allows for prospective customers to try out the service and determine if it will be able to meet the needs of their home or business. In addition, FaxPipe also includes 30 minutes of fax connection time within their free trial. Although online fax storage is only provided for a period of 10 days, that may realistically be enough for individuals that tend to keep copies of their faxes elsewhere. The only noticeable downside for this service is that it does not allow for its users to send or receive faxes via email, which may actually make it less cost efficient in comparison to other available options.

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