FaxSer Internet Fax Service Review

logo_faxserIn the list of more questionable fax service options, FaxSer is an Internet fax service that merits more exploration and discussion. Although this is a company that can be considered to provide fairly decent service overall, it is lacking greatly in terms of fax number options. In example, FaxSer is only able to offer local numbers within three states. (800), (866), (877), and (888) numbers typically cost an additional $3 for each month of use. The regular monthly fee is $9.95 and there’s no discount for paying for a year of service in advance, which may make users question whether or not this is a cost efficient option. The company current does not have an official website any longer.

FaxSer provides a separate allotment for sent and received fax pages, which stands at around 125 pages for their ‘Best Deal’ plan. The company offers online fax storage for up to a year, which is reasonable and generous for those that like keeping easier records of their sent and received faxes without having to worry about storing them as hard copies on their computers. The fax quality itself is very good, although it can’t be comparable to companies that offer above average quality.

The company has a great customer support team which works consistently to provide users with the answers that they need when they need it the most. Customer support from FaxSer is available Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM Eastern Standard Time. FaxSer also offers a 30-day free trial, which can be used to examine some of the features on a more in depth basis to determine whether the service will fit well for business or personal use. Ultimately, FaxSer does not provide a low quality service, but the real concern associated with the company is greatly related to the prices associated for the plans. The lack of local numbers may be a disappointment to some, but for those that are seeking toll-free numbers, the company may be more suitable.

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