MaxEmail Internet Fax Service Review

logo_maxemailIndividuals that are seeking an Internet fax service that can provide them with local numbers for a decent value may want to consider exploring the options provided by MaxEmail. This company provides local numbers in 30 states for a monthly fee of $9.95. (866) and (877) numbers are also offered, but if users opt to use a toll-free number, then they do not receive any free incoming pages with their plan. To provide a better bargain, users can save 30% on their plan by paying for year’s worth of service in advance, or 20% if opting to pay for a quarter year of service.

Compared to other Internet fax services that are available, MaxEmail has average fax quality. The company doesn’t offer customer support over the phone, but they do offer support via email. This may not be the best option for individuals that need immediate help with troubleshooting their fax experience, but it would be ideal for those who are located in different time zones and always need the assurance of knowing that their questions will be answered by customer support. However, MaxEmail does have its own list of issues worth keeping in mind. There is an additional $10 start-up fee to begin service and a separate allotment for sent and received fax pages. Although there is a 30-day free trial provided, allowing users to try out the service, this is also limited. Under the free trial, users are limited to 100 incoming faxes and 30 outgoing faxes.

Generally speaking, MaxEmail is a fairly good Internet fax service company. While it doesn’t provide the best value possible, it may be more suitable for individuals with specific faxing needs, such as local numbers for a reasonable price. Individuals that typically send a low volume amount of faxes may also find that even with limitations, the 30-day free trial provides them with enough insight into whether or not they will want to continue their subscription to the service with a monthly plan.

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