RapidFAX Internet Fax Service Review

logo_rapidfaxOne Internet fax service that has gained a lot of attention online is RapidFAX. This service provides its users with local fax numbers in 24 states, as well as offering (866) numbers without any additional cost. The fax quality itself tends to vary; the highest quality resolution will provide fairly average results. Likewise, lower resolutions will provide below average results. In comparison to other Internet fax companies, RapidFAX offers considerably less options. Only two email addresses are allowed to send and receive faxes with this service.

In terms of cost, RapidFAX is comparable to other Internet fax services that are available. Customers typically pay $9.95 per month for 300 combined pages on their regular plan. However, RapidFAX also has a hidden fee that they charge users for choosing to store their faxes online after 30 days has passed. Admittedly, this fee can be avoided, but if individuals are seeking a fax service that will allow them to store their bulk faxes for an extended period of time, there may be other options worth considering instead.

The company offers a 30-day free trial period so that potential customers can determine whether or not this is the best option for their personal or professional needs. Individuals who need an Internet fax service that can cover a low volume of faxing may find that RapidFAX is the ideal option; however, those who are planning on faxing a large volume of documents or plan on storing their documents on the company’s online cloud may want to consider if this will be the most efficient option available. Customer support is provided Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. However, reviews posted online from customers have revealed that the company provides low quality customer service. Although RapidFAX is not a horrible service, it’s important for consumers to be aware of some of the potential issues they may encounter when deciding to commit to a plan.

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