RingCentral Review on Faxing Software

RingCentral is one of the most experienced companies in the fax industry.  RingCentral faxing offers a broad range of impressive features and pricing ($6.59 a month on this site) that won’t break your pocketbook. What’s more is they handshake rather nicely with Gmail for sending and receiving faxes directly via Gmail fax.

Pricing and Plans

Currently, RingCentral has three plans that people can choose from the Fax 500, 1000 and 2500, with the name of each service reflecting the number of pages that can be sent and received each month. For this review we tried the Fax 500. Each of these service options provide the same support and features.

The lowest priced package is just 7.99 $6.59 monthly, which is a good price for an online fax service, especially when the features and reliability that this company provides are weighed in.  Additional fax pages are around 6 cents each.

Test drive RingCentral and fax free for 30 days!

Sending and Receiving Faxes

This company relies on powerful fax servers that make it possible to send digital faxes and receive them in just a few minutes. We used a remote fax machine and a chronometer to perform a test.

Sending a fax… 2:15 for the machine to receive it, after sending from Gmail.
Receiving a fax… 3:03 for RingCentral to process it and have it in Gmail.

These are extremely fast send and receive times considering the amount of tech involved, the eternal digital storage of your document and that you aren’t creating an actual handshake, which means, no more sitting by the machine to make sure your paper doesn’t jam.

Test drive RingCentral and fax free for 30 days!

Service Features

RingCentral has incorporated several features that can be integrated into your business.

Smart phone integration. Use your Android phone or iPhone to receive faxes direct. Each time a new fax arrives, you will hear a distinct sound. This is a free iPhone app and it is available to all RingCentral users. Unfortunately, however, phones cannot be used to compose new faxes.

Fax scheduling. With your web dashboard it is possible to schedule faxes that will be transmitted later. This is great if you want to make sure a fax is on someone’s email or fax machine bright and early so they can deal with it first thing.  I love this feature and RingCentral is easy to use even if you’re not very tech-savvy.

Test drive RingCentral and fax free for 30 days!


RingCentral is an amazing Gmail fax service for every type of user. The different package adapt to the needs of your company and it offers the perfect balance between cost, reliability and features. I recommend it 100!

Test drive RingCentral and fax free for 30 days!

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