Send2Fax Internet Fax Service Review

logo_send2faxIndividuals that are seeking a quality Internet fax service may want to consider trying out services from Send2Fax. With a monthly rate of $12.95, Send2Fax is notedly more expensive than some of the other fax services that have been previously mentioned. However, the company provides users with 50 pages of additional pages than what is commonly associated with the traditional Internet fax service, so it does merit checking out. Send2Fax provides users with local numbers within 24 states, as well as (866), (877), and (888) numbers without any additional charge.

This is not to say that Send2Fax is not without its own issues. For example, although the company offers fairly acceptable text fax quality, the image quality is very poor. This may work well for someone that only sends documents with text, but for those that have a large volume of documents that include images, it wouldn’t be recommended. The company has average customer support which can be reached Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Users benefit from 350 receive and sent fax pages quota, which is a combined amount for the entire month of usage. Only two email addresses are able to send faxes with this company.

Send2Fax does provide prospective users with a 30-day free trial, allowing them to test out the service and determine if it is able to meet their needs. If the users are not pleased with the quality of service during that period, they can cancel and they won’t encounter any further charges at the end of the monthly cycle. Generally speaking, Send2Fax is a decent quality company that offers more benefits than issues, making it a worthy consideration for personal or professional use. There are very little negative reviews associated with Send2Fax, which may make it a reasonable option for those that are seeking a trustworthy Internet fax service to commit to using.

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