SRFax Internet Fax Service Review

srfax_logoIndividuals who are particularly interested in having a toll-free fax number with an Internet fax service may want to consider SRFax. Although this company has local fax numbers in only 13 states, it offers many benefits that merit consideration. Toll free numbers are offered for no additional charge, providing users with the option of (866), (877), or (888) numbers. Faxes sent from SRFax have above average image quality and text quality. Individuals can store their sent and received faxes for an unlimited amount of time, making it a great option for those who have a large volume of faxes to focus upon. Additionally, users can receive faxes on an unlimited number of email addresses and send faxes from nine email addresses.

The monthly fee charged for this service is $9.95 on SRFax’s Lite Plan. However, individuals who are interested in prepaying for service can receive a discount, lowering the price to $7.95 per month, which is a savings of 9.5%. There is a 60-day free trial, which is a significant trial period in comparison to what some of the most popular online fax services commonly offer. Although most people can generally determine if an Internet fax service is going to be able to meet their needs within the initial 30-day trial period, having an extended period of time may be more suitable for individuals who send faxes less frequently. SRFax is also noted for providing a high quality customer support experience, which is ideal for those who need a little extra help with setting up their account, troubleshooting, or sending their first fax. Customer service is available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Like most fax services, SRFax provides users with the ability to schedule fax deliveries ahead of time, preview a fax, resend faxes as needed, and many other great features. Users can also check the system status on the company’s official website to ensure that they’re not encountering any downtime. There are no hidden fees and users have a send and receive fax quota of 500 pages combined, making SRFax a fairly cost-efficient option worth consideration.

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